How Long Will SEO Take?

“How long will SEO take?”

This is a question I get asked all the time from my new website design clients. And it is a relevant question to ask.

Most people want to see results from their website quickly, meaning they want to rank on page number 1 and start seeing traffic come to their website fairly quickly. This is completely understandable to want this, however, it isn’t really all that realistic either.

Let’s quickly have a look at a few factors for Google before we answer the question.

Is my website even showing in Google yet?

A website isn’t going to magically appear in Google search results overnight. In fact, it can take at least a month for Google to even index your website when its a brand new domain.

To kickstart your website being found in Google I recommend that you ask your website designer to ensure that your website is setup on both:

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics

Quick Tip. If you want to see if your website is indexed in Google (meaning it has found your website) type in into the search bar and it will show you the results. If you see results like below that is great, if its blank then the first thing you need to look at is why Google hasn’t found your site.

Is My Website Indexed on Google?
Results showing that a website has been indexed in Google.

How Does SEO Work?

How does SEO work.

What happens once my website is indexed

Once your website is indexed it can show up when someone searches for a keyword related to your website. However how high you actually show up in the results depends on something called ‘Google Rank’.

Google Rank is determined from several hundred ranking factors. Things such as a great website, clean UX, fast load times, and a solid SEO structure. Even the age of your domain name comes into play.

Google ranks every website, every time a search is performed. Google will display the results in order of relevancy, so the higher your Google Rank the higher you will show up in the search results.

So how long does it take for SEO to work?

Providing the SEO completed on your site is good SEO (i.e. not black hat tactics) then you should start seeing results in approximately 6-9 months.

Things that can impact how quickly your site ranks in Google are:

How much competition you are up against.

For example if your trade website is targeting Australia-wide it will take longer as there will be a lot of competition. If you are targeting your local area then it should be a little less as there isn’t much competition.

How well your site is designed and the SEO implemented

  • the website design
  • the speed your website loads at
  • is the website mobile responsive
  • does the website have an SSL Certificate?
  • is there enough wording on your website
  • has each page got a unique title tag and description tag?

As you can see there is a lot of balls in the air to juggle when it comes to ranking a website in Google.

If your tradie business needs help with SEO, then feel free to get in touch. We have some really affordable local SEO package available that will get your website ranking in no time.

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