10 Features of a Great Tradie Website

In 2020 having a website for your tradie business is important and can be your biggest sales generating machine.

There are so many benefits to having a website but it isn’t just as easy as throwing together a website and hoping for the best. There are some things that all Tradie websites must include:

Top 10 Things to include on your Tradie Website

Optimise your website for mobiles and tablets

Having a website is about making things easy for your customers and potential customers. Ensuring that your website is mobile and tablet friendly is essential.

What does mobile responsive actually mean though? Mobile responsive means your website displays differently depending on what your users are viewing your website on.

For example, if a user was using a Mac desktop they would see a different layout design that is more stretched across the screen. If someone else was to view it on mobile then they would see a much smaller version on the website, but they would still be able to read the website easily and navigate around the website quickly.


2. Make it easy to get in touch with a Click-to-Call number

If someone was searching for your service and needed to call you right away, then a click-to-call button makes this really easy for your customers to get in touch.

I have seen so many websites where there is no phone number on the website that is prominent and in fact, sometimes you had to go searching for a way to contact the company. I can tell you that if you make it hard for people to get in touch with you they simply won’t do it.

3. Optimise the website for local search

For most tradesmen they are targetting the local area to get customers. It is really important to get the basics of local search done.

  • Setup a Google My Business listing to show up in the maps results
  • Install Google analytics which tells you how many people come to your site
  • Make sure your website has a good title tag which describes what your services are

4. Clutter-free design

Be sure to design your website free of clutter. Make use of good headlines and also be sure to have white space to make the site look clean.

Ensure fonts are large enough to read and also make sure that other elements complement each other instead of competing for attention.

5. Showcase your work

Include galleries that showcase your work. Lots of people look at the type of work you do to get ideas but also to see that you are suitable for the job that they need doing.

Showcase your work ideally on your services. For example if you are a wardrobe company you would put the gallery of your walk-in wardrobes on that particular page. Rather than creating a page for your projects.

Or if you do create a page for projects then make sure people can filter down to projects they want to see.

6. Showcase customer reviews

Customer reviews help to build social proof and they help to build trust. We highly recommend people sharing reviews through out their website pages and not just having a reviews page.

If you have created a service page for your residential electrician service then

7. Include your social media platforms

We highly recommend including your social media platforms on your website. People sometimes take longer to buy than the first time. Having your socials on your website allows people to see more of your work without needing to buy right away.

A little caveat though, we don’t recommend putting your social media icons up the top of a website like a lot of people do. You don’t want people clicking away from your website straight away and into the land of Facebook where they are highly unlikely to return back to your website.

8. Encourage Action with clear Calls to Action

What is a Call to Action?

This is a statement on your website to help inspire action. You see this every day in marketing ads on TV, websites and radio. They entice people to take the action and they ask people to take the action that the company wants.

If you want people to call you then ask them to do so. If you want people to get a quote then ask them that. I always advise to limit to 1-2 call to actions on a page and make it relevant to the page they are on.

For example, Oaks Mowing has their pricing on their website and directly under the pricing we put in a ‘Get a Free Quote’ button to easily take people to the quote form.

9. Elaborate on your Services

I can’t tell you how many websites I see and they have simply a homepage, an about page, a contact page and the one simple page that is called Services that just lists in a bullet list all the things that they can do.

Whilst this is keeping things simple, the website isn’t going to do anything in Google and you really need Google to rank your website to get traffic to ensure you are getting customers.

We recommend choosing 3-5 of your main core services and creating a page per service. After all, if you are looking for a Commercial Plumber you would type in something completely different if you had a blocked pipe in your bathroom at home.

So target the different services you offer and tie them into things that your potential customers are actually going to search for. Check this example as to how Langshaw Electrical has created their services pages.

Structure your services pages into individual pages to make it easy for people.

10. Make your website secure

Google loves making the internet safe for users. One way they are doing this is by showing which websites are secure and safe and which are insecure and advise people to be careful providing information on the website. This includes submitting a basic contact form.

To ensure your website is saying it is safe you need what is called and SSL Certificate in other words instead of your website displaying a URL that is http://www.yoursite.com.au it has an S in there to show its secure https://www.yoursite.com.au.

Here is what Firefox shows in their browser when people are using two different websites. One is secure and one is insecure. The green lock icon indicates the website is safe.

This website is insecure and doesn’t use HTTPS.
This website is secure and is what you want to display.

Even if you have a website that is already set up you can get your website host to install an SSL Certificate on your hosting account. There is a small fee but it is worth it.

It is also worth noting that Google is now including this as a factor in their rankings and how high up the list they display a website.

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